1kg hand wash washing powder price list

Before purchasing hand washing powder in bulk, you should check the supplier’s price list and analyze the market, for example, a 1 kg bag of washing powder is very cheap and you can check all the prices of this product in this quantity.

Detergent powder is a kind of soap that is used for washing clothes, bedding, towels and other materials generally. Both washing machines and washing machines may use them.

One of the most common methods of washing is the use of detergent powder, which has two basic advantages: cost and strength against rough spots.

In addition to the many benefits, detergent has recently experienced a worldwide resurgence. Its low price also makes it a useful market item for developing countries.

Hand washing powder is made as packaging material or bag seeds and contains the following ingredients: licorice, peanut, sodium dodecal Benzene ayate, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, alkaline enzyme, PL activator and Violet perfume.

Hand washing powder can remove oil and the hands that are cleaned with it are smooth, delicate, soft and elastic and have no cracking or allergic reaction.

Benefits of detergent powder:


reusable containers

Great in removing hard spots

Bright White Qualities

Some add-ons like oxygen bleaching

Detergent Powder Disadvantages:

The dosage may be challenging and aggressive.

At low temperatures, low-quality formulations may remain or may be partially solved.

Packaging is prone to water damage and rupture.

Not the best option to pre-treat the stain.

The package you use for washing powder should be as attractive as you can. The most popular washing powder packing options include ready plastic containers, corrugated boxes and bags made of polymer films.

The producer selects washing powder packaging depending on the product price range: corrugated boxes or plastic packaging are suitable for expensive powders, while flat polypropylene bags are suitable for cheap powders.

hand wash washing powder price

Production of hand washing powder has a significant effect on the final price of product.

The present invention is related to the type of washing materials and a technique for making them, in particular, a kind of hand washing powder and a method for making it.

At present, fat hands are washed and decorated with soap, soap and washing powder; however, these techniques often do not completely remove dirt, do not stimulate the target skin, and sometimes cause itching and leaving.

The goal of invention is to produce new hand washing powder and learn how to make it. This hand washing powder is intended to clean the dirty and oily hands, rinse the skin in a protective condition, and maintain high smoothness, smoothness and flexibility.

hand wash washing powder price

The following solution may terminate the current invention:

Radix Glyceride, Peanut, Dodecyl Benzene Sodium Iodate, Yellow Soda, Water Glass, Alkali Enzyme, PL Activator and Purple Chemical constitute the composition of the current invention. The system is packed in malignancy and bag forms and completed in particle form.

The current production process of the invention is as follows: Based on the above version, each compound will be equipped; Radix Glyceride Agent Soaked in Clear Water, puts peanuts on the ground and dust, other compounds mix together, grain-shaped particles and finally the final product is packed.

The current innovation that demands mass production of washing powder can increase fitness by following the top recommendations.

With hand washing powder which is produced in the present invention, washing the greasy dirt is clean, washing the skin of the hand just quickly, and does not break the smooth skin, high flexibility is soft cleaning material that washes dirty hands.

One of the advantages of the present invention is that its components are reasonable, and the method of fitting science and manufacturing is simple.

hand wash washing powder price

1kg washing powder price list

To get the latest washing powder price list in different sizes of packing from 1kg to 15kg, you can contact our supply center directly.

The term “detergent powder” can be used to refer to any and all kinds of soap produced in the form of powder.

However, it is often used as an alternative to detergent powder. Special formulations, while most recipes may be hand or machine-cleaned, are specifically designed for specific use.

Powder detergent is an effective way to remove stains from many types of clothing. It is a popular solution and relatively cheap price to clean the fabric, and in the packaging that is recyclable and eco-friendly, including cardboard boxes. In addition, the packaging is recyclable.

In the market for detergents, laundry powders continue to have a superior position. they are easy to operate and have enjoyable washing experience and they get good results.

If you choose a detergent that is very suitable for your needs, you will always use clean clothes regardless of how many times they wash. We are happy to help you reach your destination.

To maintain a clean and sanitary environment, washing powder and detergents are required in many commercial institutions, just like in private houses. Whether you are for your personal use or for your work in the hotel sector, we have a complete set of detergents for you to choose from.

These hand-held reflexes bags available in Bio and Non Bio types are ideal for cleaning in commercial and care environments because they are practical and supplied in all kinds of formulation.Washing powder price list 1kg

Even when the temperature is at its lowest level, active chemicals continue to provide outstanding cleaning performance during the whole washing.

As a top detergent manufacturer, we are ready to provide high quality products and effective export service to your destination.

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