Hand wash liquid buying guide + great price

Hand wash liquid buying guide + great price

In addition to the Pouch that is an ecofriendly project for earth we want to show that how pouch is an ideal solution for various industries including food, drink and it is suitable for hand wash liquid as it fulfils the multifaceted requirements of today’s packaging – in addition to simply containing the item, plastic pouches also provide superb hygiene and durability, and present great promotional opportunities for brands

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Aluminum pouches, in particular, are great for protecting products from moisture and other outside factors such as oxygen and light, as they have high barrier properties

At pouch, we are very conscious about the various effects plastic has on the environment – both in terms of production, and the waste created at the end of a product’s life

Recent research shows that when comparing pouches with glass jars, steel cans and plastic pots, pouches are proven to be more environmentally friendly, and we are hard at work making all our stand up pouches recyclable as well as promoting flexible packaging to local authorities

When comparing the efficiency of plastic pouches with that of three alternatives during extensive testing– plastic pots, glass jars and steel cans – all of which perform the same function

long-life preservation of 400/450ml pasta sauce as the experimental control), the resource efficiency indicator takes into consideration three of the primary impacts packaging has on the environment – energy, material resources and waste

The results indicated that the plastic stand up pouch is more resource efficient than the three packaging alternatives, even in a scenario where it was assumed that the laminated pouch was not recycled at all in comparison with the current recycling rate for the other packaging options

pouches are also incredibly lightweight and easy to store or transport, especially in comparison with other packaging options, as they have high strength and are shatterproof

The lightweight properties of stand up pouches and other types of flexible packaging also reduce the carbon footprint during transportation when compared to other forms of packaging

Plastic pouches are easy to access, highly economical and come in a variety of materials, allowing retailers from a variety of industries and company sizes to utilize them

You can choose clear pouches or flat pouches if you are looking to show off your attractive products, or go with an extra sturdy option and choose stand up pouches for displaying your products on retail shelving units

In fact, it’s never been easier to use pouches

Before you pop your pump in the recycling you can use it over and over again

This is because you can refill your pumps long after you have used your bottle of hand wash! So keep hold of your pump and simply pop it on top of pump less Eco refill bottle or keep filling your existing bottle with our Eco refill pouches, saving up to 85% less plastic (1L pouch vs 4 x 250ml bottles)

 Hand wash liquid buying guide + great price

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But what does this really mean?

We want to lead a shift towards a more conscious care industry

We want to challenge the pre-established norms

We want to go beyond the products

We want not only to do things differently but we want to make them BETTER for you and for our planet

Introducing the Refill

A fresh approach that can help against climate change

Our distinctive DNA has brought us to reformulate a standard item

We want it trendy and we want it sustainable, so we extend the lifetime of our Pocket bottle thanks to this new product

Less plastic, less price

More lifetime!

All of our products have a bigger purpose: to be as conscious as possible with the planet and humanity

We only have one planet and we need to protect it by reducing our footprint

So we can understand that pouches are the best innovation to use in detergents packaging

We believe that to create a lasting change, we need a new approach: Less is More

Together we can help leave a disposable culture behind and buy products to treasure for a lifetime

 Hand wash liquid buying guide + great price

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The ultimate way to offset this environmental impact is to reduce how much a consumer needs to rebuy something

“With so much saturation in the care industry, it’s important to make products that are unique and deserve a spot in your bag or shelf”

While we design our packaging to be as green as possible, we’re always looking for additional ways to lessen the impact

Our refill pouch offers 85% plastic savings compared to using a Pocket bottle


A Refill Pouch takes 80% less water and energy to produce than a Pocket Bottle, hence lowering our environmental footprint

But what is an environmental footprint?

Carbon footprint is a measure of the impact your activities have on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced through the burning of fossil fuels and is expressed as a weight of CO2 emissions produced in tons

As the energy and transport used to produce our Refill Pouches are about 1/7 lesser than producing a Pocket and Bottle, our C02 emissions are consequently minor

So they are recyclable?

It depends on the recycling systems of different governments

It can or cannot be accepted by municipal recyclers

You’ll save money Eleven of the 12 products we looked at were cheaper per ml than their original counterparts

And the savings are impressive – up to 44%

 Hand wash liquid buying guide + great price


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